Let me Introduce Myself…..

Wow! I cannot believe I am finally doing this. I am actually writing my first post for my blog (kinda scary).

Anyway onto who I am, boring topic I know. My name is Jessica Lambert, I am 19 years old and I live in England (well half of the year I do). The other half of the year I am in Florida catching a tan, studying hard and running round a red oval with obstacles in the way. Sitting here now and writing out what I am currently doing, honestly is astonishing. I never thought in a million years I would be lucky enough to say I am a Student Athlete currently on a Track and Field Scholarship in the United States. It is all surreal. I study at Florida Atlantic University, studying Exercise Science and Health Promotion and graduate in 2023, if everything goes according to plan.

My main event in track is 400m Hurdles, but I also love taking part in the short hurdles, 800m and any form of relay, 4x400m being my favourite. The event which I hate the most is an individual 400m (It is DEATH). However, I always do end up taking part in a few races during my season. Track is my passion and anyone that knows me would tell you this. It pushes me to boundaries I never thought I would be able to reach and that is what I LOVE about it.

Other than Track and Field, I love socialising with my friends and family. Having a loving and caring support group helps keep me sane, especially when you go through the tough time (but that is for a different post). I also love cooking and baking, I am a huge FOODIE.

To finish my first post, all I want to say is thank you for taking the time to read, I hope I am not too boring (please let me know if I am). And I also want to say I am very excited to continue sharing my journey with you.

See you in the next post……

Jess Xx

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